A communications and project management, research, training and facilitation consultancy offering strategy and support to clients in the cultural, creative and entrepreneurial sectors. 
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we're working on at the moment

FIX (fiks) - 
1. to repair, mend
2. to put in good order or in good condition; adjust or arrange
3. to direct (the eyes, the attention, etc) steadily
4. a compulsively sought dose or infusion of something


can we help you?

Much of our work is done online and on the phone, but we do love to chat and make mind maps or #planitwithpostits over good coffee.  Contact us to chat through the specifics of your needs and context. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our services range from practical, communications and operational support, to collaborative consultation on audience development, strategic planning and implementation.
We work together to establish what your needs are, and how they can best be met.

  • If you have a project plan with scope of work, objectives and timelines that you'd like us to deliver on; send it through to hq for a quote. 

  • Otherwise, send us an outline of what you're up to, and how you think you'd like us to help you (including a sense of your timelines), and we'll meet for a chat and figure it out together... this is where we do our best work

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